Reviews for The Collaboration Response

The Collaboration Resrponse: The Book“In this thoroughly engaging book Gil Steil shows us how to create the conditions under which people choose to put aside self-interest to work for the common good. Peppered with useful examples from business, government, not for profits, and community organizations Steil shows us how to design gatherings where people come together to do what none of them could do alone.”
Dick Axelrod, co-author of Let’s Stop Meeting Like This: Tools to Save Time and Get More Done

 “Gil Steil has integrated, explored, tested and conceptualized his work as well as anybody I know. A useful, inspiring guide to improving life at work.”
Marvin R. Weisbord, author of Productive Workplaces, and Discovering Common Ground, co-author of Future Search

 “In this well written and example filled book, Gil Steil shares practical methods, lessons, and wisdom for fostering collaboration based on his extensive experience facilitating whole system events around the world. A must read for anyone wishing to transform self-interest into shared purpose in groups, organizations, or communities.”  Robert J. Marshak, author of Covert Processes: Managing the Five Hidden Dimensions of Organizational Change

“Gil Steil is one of the most effective, theory based organization consultants I know.  His book takes you into his thinking as he works with organizations and is fascinating in its detail.”
Barbara Bunker, co-author of The Handbook of Large Group Methods

 Dad, your book is surprisingly readable.
Jennifer Steil, author of The Woman Who Fell From the Sky and The Ambassador’s Wife.

 “Gil Steil makes it clear why grounding your consulting in theory produces remarkable results.  The detailed cases are fun to read and make clear how to translate theory into practice.”

“Coming from an enormously creative consultant, this book is a treasure for anyone working with organizations.”

“A gold mine read for the person who want to know more about the theory and practice of effective consulting to organizations.”

“This wonderful book will delight people who want to understand how to work with organizations so that they solve their own problems and create their own future….and full of detailed descriptions of consulting in many countries.”
Barbara Bunker, co-author of The Handbook of Large Group Methods